Drone Wedding Photography

Drone Wedding Photography: How An Aerial View Can Give Your Wedding New Life

There are few things in life as beautiful as a wedding. From the conjoining of two families to the very act of swearing a commitment to one another, weddings can give us beautiful memories that we look to embrace and cherish forever. With the fast rise in technology afforded to us by the drone industry, drone wedding photography has become incredibly popular.

For couples looking to give their wedding a new perspective, consider the benefits that drone wedding photography can provide!

Drone Photography: Local Wedding Photographers Offer New Perspective!

While the wedding photography and videography industry are far from brand new, there are innovations constantly being brought forth. The team at Phaminh Cinematography has embraced the power of their drone videography and photography services to give clients throughout Conway, AR, access to the beautiful coverage that their wedding deserves and from an angle that is far less common than it should be!

Drone videography and photography services through Phaminh Cinematography provide clients with the chance to enjoy their wedding in an entirely new and exciting way. Aerial views from 100+ feet above the ground can capture the wedding in its entirety as well as the beautiful scenery surrounding it. From HD video footage to stunning photographs of the entire event, local wedding photographers are stepping up their game to give newlyweds the professional aerial coverage that they deserve.

To enjoy drone wedding photography, take a moment to consider the following action points before making a decision!


  1. Consider the Venue - Is the wedding venue in question hospitable for drone use? Indoor weddings obviously won't have the same level of coverage through drone videography as an outdoor wedding, for example.

  2. Consider the Vision - By working with a local videographer and drone operator, potential clients can discuss EXACTLY what they want to see from the sky.

To enjoy affordable drone wedding photography from local wedding professionals, contact Phaminh Cinematography with any additional questions!